A Brahma Therapist Course

Who Can Become A Brahma Therapist?

Everyone can become a Brahma Therapist, but first you need to heal yourself with the Brahma Therapy, before you are going to heal others. After you are healed you can join the course to become a Brahma Therapist and if you succeed in the course, you are eligible to be called a Brahma Therapist.

Extra Diploma/Certificate Requirement Information

There are several possibilities to join the club to become a Brahma Therapist. Please click here for more information if you are working in the field of Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry.

If not, please contact us and let us know about yourself. We need more information about you, to see if you are eligible for the Brahma Therapy Course, or not. Again, you do not need to be educated on high level, because people around you are most experienced working with people. This is what we need to see in your life experience.

To also join the class, we need to screen your life experience and we need some of your background information:

1. Education proof: Copy of Diploma’s, Certificates and Grades lists.
2. An updated CV about your working experience: Full CV+picture.
3. A Website link, Facebook Page, Linked-In etc.: Social media links to check & screen.

You will also get a FREE spiritual screening before we consider you eligible to join the Brahma Therapy Course. Please make sure, that your CV has a recent picture of you to make sure your spiritual screening will be easy for us. Also note, that an assessment is obligatory.

After the screening, an assessment will take place (by call or e-mail form). The Guru is not the only person, who will screen the candidates. TBE Experts will also screen the new candidates who are interested in the Brahma Therapy Course in 2024. To become an TBE Expert (a full year course) you have to follow the Chakra Class of six months first.

Mental Health Assessment for Beginners (Non-experienced)

If you are considering joining the Brahma Therapy Course, please make sure your mental health is improved by the AUM therapy. Your files must show us that you have worked on your issues, during the aftercare sessions. An all-round grade of A or A+ (9.5/10) is necessary to join the Brahma Therapy Course.

After your successful completion of the Aftercare period, you might think about becoming a Brahma Therapist, but because of your non-experience, you may follow these courses first as mentioned here.

After the courses, your mental health must be improved in a way that you do not need any medications (prescribed by a physician or psychiatrist). In this case, we will screen your files and then we will let you know about your application to join the Brahma Therapy Course.

To make sure, that you are Okay to treat others, you will need to make some psychological assessments. If your marks are Okay, you are Okay to join the Brahma Therapy Course. If not, we are sorry to inform you about trying it again, the next year (after you are healed).

A Brahma Therapist Course Agreement

For more information about the Brahma Therapist Course Agreement please contact us.