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About the Author Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar

My name is Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar. I am 37 years old, living in the Netherlands, and married to my beautiful wife, Irene Parran. I am an Ayurvedic doctor and a Spiritual Coach, Priest, Guru, Yogi and Siddha (Lama) in the five elements of this universe and Madhava (Master Dharma and Artha, Master in the Universal Law).

I am the author of this book. I am a part of Brahman. I have received this great gift from the universe, AUM and Lord Brahma Himself. I am initiated by Lord Brahma, to spread the knowledge about His Brahma Therapy. In this way I can save the fallen souls, leading them back to the Eternal Abode.

It is since the end of 2018, that I’ve been living as a universal Lama, having the total control of the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether. Since mid 2023, i have been graduated in the Universal Law as a Madhava.

I did great penance in India, Japan, Spain and in my home country, the Netherlands. As a child, born in the Caribbean, in the land of the Guianas, Suriname, I have been interested in spirituality from the age of 15 years.

Being a student in the major religions of the world like: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, I have the respect within me and within my soul to accept and see all of these religions as one puzzle of God. All these puzzles makes you a complete religious person. I accepted God as One.

Since the opening of my third eye chakra, I could see the unseen. But after I met my wife, I could see many more and even now I am still developing my spiritual eye. She is the trigger that developed my magical vision. Thanks to her, I see spiritual graphics, planetary charts, percentages and other quantitative numbers. She makes me think out of my comfort zone and out of the box, which is the important reason why I can see many more than before. It makes my predictions easier and it supports me in my profession.

For me it is a normal way of life to see spirits and wandering souls of the hell. And it is also a normal phenomenon to see the Holy Spirits of the Prophets, the Divine Beings, the Holy Guru’s, Gods and His Archangels. I have also visited some Holy and unholy worlds in my dreams and during meditation.

The Brahma Therapy is a blessing of the Gods, Lord Brahma and the Divine AUM. It is a great honor that I have been chosen for spreading this Divine Therapy to the world, as Lord Brahma wishes.

This book, The Brahma Therapy for Adults, is the first book which I have completed, as a guide into the material of the Brahma Therapy Healing system. The second book will also be completed: The Brahma Therapy for Children. In this second book, the knowledge will be focused to guide a child in his life and helping him out of his emotional wounds. This shows the mercy of Lord Brahma, who also cares about the young ones amongst us. Their souls are the same as ours. It needs to be cleaned and to be purified in a simple way. It needs to be connected with AUM, so that it attains salvation. Salvation is our Soul’s right and we should take advantage of this unique human life to reach that. I am a great help for those searching for salvation, because I am the chosen one for this purpose. I want to help you, not because of the credits and the rewards I’ll receive, but because I am a spiritual soul, just like you. Please, let us have this human experience, and let us leave this world peacefully, when death embraces us.

Thanks to my TBE students:
Akash, Akshay, Andjeni, Kiran, Sandhia, Steven, Sanjana, Sharani, Soerinder and my dear wife, Irene.

About US..
The mission and vision of the supporting students of the author..

The Graduated TBE students of Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar are working together with this project: The Brahma Therapy. Supporting the White Light, to return to our Eternal Home – is our mission. Our vision is to see all the people on earth joining the Brahma Therapy to heal themselves and their loved ones, returning back to the Eternal Abode, Godhead, reaching the point of their salvation (the non-returning existence).

Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar, searches for opportunities to bring the earth family back to the Godhead, the Eternal Living, from where all the souls came from in the beginning of creation. The Brahma Therapy is one of the ways, supporting this mission!