TBE Class

Welcome to the TBE Class page. On this page you can become a student of this special second course in which you will learn about the six enemies a person has in their mind. These six enemies are known as:

  • Kama – Lust.
  • Krodha – Anger.
  • Mada – Pride.
  • Lobha – Greed.
  • Moha – Attachment.
  • Ahamkaar/Matsarya – Ego.

These six have a great impact on our lives. When the Shadripus control us, we will act like demons and lose our pureness as a human being. This course teaches you to control the Shadripus and become aware of your thoughts and actions. When you become aware of your thoughts you can start to change your mental mindset (Consciousness) by listening to affirmations or by being in the now, which eventually sinks into your spiritual mindset (Subconsciousness) where God resides.

In the Course you will learn about all kinds of religions and the teachings of them, because God isn’t limited to just 1 religion. To understand God, we need to connect all the teachings of the different religions mentioned below:

  • Hinduism.
  • Buddhism.
  • Islam.

The teachings from Hinduism differ, but they remain the same. The essence of the teachings of the Vedas, the ISKCON and the Brahma Kumaris is to follow the way of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (Purusharthas).

In this course the student will learn to fulfill his duty (Dharma) and to enjoy the benefits of doing his duty right (Artha). To fulfill his desire and to become free from the bondage of Samsara, the student has to live in the now at every moment and each day.

The duty of a human being differs from the situation they are in. When you are a mom, your duty is to feed and raise your children. But you also have colleagues on your work, whom you have to help, and you also have a mother and father, whom you have to assist In their remaining life. To each of these persons you have a certain duty, which you have to maintain.

This course also learns the student to solve their (past live) karmas by performing japa (with mantras) and Homa, for example: by reciting the mantras or Quran texts or by listening to the Bible verses. Donation can also lead to salvation, so by donating money or food to others an person can attain the higher goal of life (salvation). With these actions a person can change his karma from negative into positive which will change his destiny.

Because the religions are one big puzzle of God, they all are intertwined with each other because Buddhism has also a concept of repeating cycles of life and death. Buddhism also believes that life has to enjoyed and to be lived to the fullest. It also learns us that you need to reach a certain state of knowledge to leave this game of life and death.

The same applies for Islam in which the 5 pillars are a key point of the religion. Islam believes in the 5 pillars which can lead to heaven, also known as Jannat. They Pray daily 5 times, donate a certain amount of their income to persons in need (zakat, sadaqah), they fast during Ramadan and they go on Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimages). These are the ways to clean their bad karma and to purify their soul so that heaven can be reached.

In Hinduism there are 7 heavens and 7 hells. Their names are being ranked from Godly to Hellish:

  1. Satya Loka (Pureness Itself).
  2. Tapa Loka.
  3. Jana Loka.
  4. Mahar Loka.
  5. Svar Loka.
  6. Bhuvar Loka.
  7. Bhu Loka (Earthly planets).
  8. Atala Loka.
  9. Vitala Loka.
  10. Sutala Loka.
  11. Talatala Loka.
  12. Mahatala Loka.
  13. Rasatala Loka.
  14. Patala Loka (Total Chaos).

According to the way a person lives, he gets assigned to one of these 14 worlds. Most persons end up in one of these 14 worlds after death. You make your own heaven and your own hell during life and afterwards you reach it without any delay. That is why a person has to plant good deeds to pick the heavenly planet, and if he misses to do so the dark age leads him towards the hell.

A student also learns the importance of Kapha, Pita and Vata within Ayurveda, which is the science of life and health. It is a healthy lifestyle which saves a person to get involved in unhealthy behavior. These three body types differ from person to person, but also shows us how to eat, according to our body type.

Nowadays we eat everything, without thinking, without being aware of our health. We have to change this mindset and we have to eat the right way according to Ayurveda. During this course a person learns basic principles of Ayurveda, which is the science of eating healthy and healing yourself with different kinds of herbs.

With all this knowledge a person can become an Triple Body Expert (TBE) and he can balance his three bodies. The three bodies of a person are:

  • Physical (body made of flesh and blood).
  • Mental (astral plane and the mindset of a person).
  • Spiritual (spiritual body which has been loaded with good and bad karma).

Each of these bodies are connected to a different sheath or layer of the aura field of the body, which is also known as: Kosha’s.

The first Kosha or layer of the body is the Annamaya Kosha (our body itself).

The second Kosha or layer of the body is the Pranamaya Kosha (the body wherein our chakras and aura resides).

The third Kosha or layer of the body is the Manomaya Kosha (Shadripus/feelings).

The fourth Kosha or layer of the body is the Vigyanamaya Kosha (Knowledge field).

The fifth Kosha or layer of the body is the Anandamaya Kosha (Blissful body and Zen state).

We can also split the bodies into seven layers which forms the seven vibrating and energizing fields of a human being. These seven are: the Physical body (which starts developing from our birth till the first seven years of our life), the Etheric body (which starts developing from our seventh year till fourteen years of our life), the Astral body (which starts developing from our fourteenth year till twenty-one years of our life), the Mental body (which starts developing from twenty one years till twenty-eight years of our life), the Spiritual body (which starts developing from twenty-eight years till thirty-five years of our life), the Cosmic body (which starts developing from thirty-five years till forty-two years of our life) and the Nirvanic body (which starts developing from forty-two years till the end of our life). This last one is the body where the nothingness exists and the human being realizes the truth of life.

If this sounds interesting for you and if you want to know yourself (and others) better than now? Please do not hesitate to join the TBE class.