About The Brahma Therapy

The History of AUM

AUM is the primordial sound which has a natural healing power within the vibration formed by the Sanskrit letters A, U and M. It is an enduring syllable, a prehistoric sound, which came directly from the mouth of Lord Brahma. It is considered the most comprehensive, universal, non-personal, Holy Sound symbol and signifier of the Supreme Infinite Divine Reality.

About The Trinity

The Trinity consists of: Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Lord Brahma is the first God within the Trinity and is known as the Creator. He creates from nothingness as He wills and ensures the living species that His creation will go forth. Lord Brahma, the Lord of Creation, is always the first mentioned within the line of the Trinity. He is depicted as the first father of the Universe. His consort is the Goddess of Creation who assists Lord Brahma to create. Sometimes Lord Brahma is seen as the solely ruler of the creative order of all Universes, but it will not be possible without the Goddess beside him. In general, we can assume that Lord Brahma has all generative functions as far as a person can imagine.

Lord Vishnu is mentioned second in the line of the Trinity. He is the Preserver who takes care of the balance between good and evil by restoring order if needed. He also keeps the Creation of Lord Brahma moving. Lord Vishnu is seen as the guardian of earth and the heavens which describes His role as the Preserver within the Trinity, with his consort the Goddess of Wealth, who provides riches and prosperity to the Universe.

Lord Shiva is mentioned last in the line of the Trinity. He is also known as Mahadeva which means ‘The Great God’. Lord Shiva is known as the Destroyer within the Trinity. He destroys the Creation so that the Creation can start all over. Lord Shiva destroys the negative qualities of a human being, for example: Lust, Anger, Arrogance, Greed, Attachment and Ego. Lord Shiva removes these hurdles that humanity has in life.

The History of the Brahma Therapy

Lord Brahma is our originator and the first living being within the whole universe. According to the Indian history and Hindu Spirituality, Lord Brahma opened His eyes after sitting on a lotus for a long time.

He didn’t see anyone near Him, nor did He hear anything in the whole universe for a long time. The first sound He ever heard after requesting the existence for guidance, was the primordial sound: AUM. He then repeated the same and then bubbles of universes came throughout His mouth, each one with their own rules and karmic regulations.

The Brahma Therapy is the prior property of Lord Brahma Himself. He owns the power of the first divine syllable of AUM, which is the power within itself. AUM existed before Lord Brahma was created. Lord Brahma is the user of the syllable and owns it, as the replier of this Holy Vibration.

AUM is a forever Universal Vibration which can be initiated by the replier of AUM. Lord Brahma is the oldest replier and therefore our greatest grandfather which can bless us with the initiation of AUM. He revealed the Brahma Therapy healing system, to heal humanity suffering from their emotional and karmic wounds.

How did the Author receive The Brahma Therapy?

I received The Brahma Therapy on March 6, 2023 in the afternoon around 1:45 PM, when I was having lunch in a great mall in Poland, together with one of my students. During my meal, I saw a great spiritual portal open behind the window of the great mall. I told my student to keep silent and looked at the portal for a while. I kept looking to see what was coming out of it. With my open third eye chakra, I am able to see things which no ordinary human being can see.

I saw a flash of Brahmic Light that came from the opening of the portal, through the window. It went dark around me for a few seconds. I knew from my past experiences that this light blesses me with unique knowledge and information. Always when I have this vision, I get unique information from the other worlds. Because I had an appointment with my student and I didn’t expect it at that time and at that moment, I asked my student, who understands me and was having lunch with me at that time, what I should do with these flashes of light and information from the other world. Then my student, full of curiosity of this happening, replied that we should receive that unexpected information for sure, which was issued from the Brahma World.

I agreed with his reply and told him to have his voice recorder ready to record the information as it was going to come from it. I have to download such information, before I am able to speak it out of my throat chakra.

I first kept silent as always, if I am downloading Brahmic information from the ether. Then I began to tell him the downloaded information into the voice recorder of my students phone. He recorded it to the fullest and we moved to his home after having our lunch to note it down. This written information has now been published uncensored as a book. This book became: ‘The Brahma Therapy’. It is the best holistic healing system ever.


What is The Brahma Therapy?

The Brahma Therapy plan helps us to destroy the ego of the human mind by turning us into an egoless state of existence. It is a healing system to heal a person emotionally and mentally, whereafter past life karma can be solved. A totally healed person can heal another person and so on.

The Brahma Therapy healing plan gives you the chance to link with Lord Brahma and the Higher Realms. You first link with your inner self in a peaceful way. Then you connect yourself with the Supreme Divine within you, the power which can heal everything by using the vibration of AUM. After the AUM initiation, a person no longer remains a patient anymore. Even the most negative karma’s of the person dissolves like clouds dissolving in an open sky.

The Brahma Therapy plan refines the possibility to attain salvation at the end of this life. By the help of AUM, the first word heard and uttered by Lord Brahma, all bad karma’s (of past lives) which cause pain in this life, will be burned by its power and vibration.

At the end, AUM will lead to Moksha (Eternal Salvation). How this process works will now be explained:

  1. The First Kosha of an person is his Annamaya Kosha which is the first layer of the body which exists on earth formed by the elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. This layer protects the body and stabilizes it from being deteriorated.
  2. The Second Kosha is the Pranamaya Kosha, which is the layer of the vital air, which provides the body the vital air it needs to survive and exist on earth. The lungs function properly with the help of this Kosha or layer without this a person would be dead that is why this body layer is very important for an human. Improper breathing, short sleeps, smoking and drugs lead to damaging this vital layer of the human body.
  3. The Third Kosha is the Manomaya Kosha, which is the emotional layer of the human body. This layer makes the person emotionally weak, when it is not strong enough to handle the daily happenings and feelings which we go through on a daily basis, which causes great harm and obstacles on a long term in life if it is not solved quickly. This Supreme layer blocks the emotional growth and the self learning ability of a person.
  4. The Fourth Kosha is the Vigyanamaya Kosha, which is the layer of knowledge and knowing the Self. This layer makes it possible for a person to know the true nature of the human being. It is the Divine layer which is being build after acquiring great knowledge. If this layer is weak the person cannot know himself (and others), because the world is an illusion in which all people live. This means we have to know our true Nature and our true Self.
  5. The Fifth Kosha is the Anandamaya Kosha, which is the fifth layer (the outer layer) of the body, which represents the Divinity itself (our Higher Self) or God. This is the blissful body, once attained, a person can never fall again into the material existence where life and death occurs and re-occurs every time.

The person will experience bliss during the meditation of AUM. When a person leaves the first four Kosha’s behind to remain in his eternal body (the last or blissful Kosha), the person enjoys the blessings which come from the remaining in the Anandamaya Kosha. When AUM and the benefits from AUM are mixed within his body, the person is called an Jivanmukta soul (liberated soul). He turns himself to the Supreme Soul completely and becomes one with the Supreme Being or God.

How does this Therapy System Work?

Within the Brahma Therapy plan we see the healing sound AUM take its Supreme role within the healing system. We also see the conscious and the subconscious treatment having their impact on the human body, mind and soul.

I shall now reveal the way to treat a person by merging these three into one healing system. Because of the fact that the subconsciousness cannot be seen separated from its other part, the consciousness, we have to use both to achieve our goals in life and hereafter. The conscious mind of (five percent) which is aware most of the time of the human life can be set as the leader upon the subconscious mind (ninety-five percent) by using the Brahma Therapy Healing System.

The Brahma Therapy healing system together with the AUM meditation and affirmations, reach the aim to make the conscious mind the leader in life. This aim will be reached without a conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind, because AUM vibrations are peaceful and they never create conflicts. This fact can never be doubted.

Everything a person sensed from his childhood until now, has been marked in his consciousness, which after sometime merges into the subconsciousness. It is simple for the Brahma Therapist to work with a conscious mind of a person, then with a subconscious mind of a person.

When the AUM sound is used during treatment it goes through the ear to the mind (conscious mind) and after some minutes it sinks and merges within the subconscious mind until death. This Holy Vibration still heals all the chambers of the subconscious mind. This Holy Vibration works non-stop, having its healing influence as long as the person exists. An important requirement for this purpose is that a person needs to meditate every day on the same Holy AUM sound. This Holy Vibration of AUM does not lose his potency. It does not go in vain and it continues to heal the whole lifetime of a person that meditates upon the AUM sound.

The conscious treatment can be mostly used by the Brahma Therapists who are also psychotherapists and psychologists. They can do the intakes and interviews of their patients in an awakened state. They can also use the AUM sound for meditation and visualization to heal their patients.

The Brahma Therapy can support their regular work. During visualization they can guide their patients in their dilemma to choose between the power of pain, or the power of AUM. Finally, the power of AUM wins. Please note that the power of AUM only wins after the special AUM initiation by the competent Guru. 

The subconscious treatment can be mostly used by the Brahma Therapists who are also hypnotherapists and hypnotists. They can do the intakes, interviews and sessions of their patients in a hypnotic state. They must also use the AUM sound for meditation and visualization to heal their patients.

The Brahma Therapy can support their regular work. During visualization they can guide their patients in their dilemma to choose between the power of pain, or the power of AUM. Finally, the power of AUM wins. Please note that the power of AUM only wins after the special AUM initiation by the competent Guru.