Book Purchase Agreement

This is a general book purchase agreement for all the books written by the author, Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar, from the date of 01-01-2023, on all his own private website domains.

Article 1: The Book(s)

Art. 1.1. Authorial rights

Every book is written and published in a way the author likes to do that. He uses his author rights and you honor that, as it is written in the book or its supplements. These often includes: prohibitions, instructions, the unique book numbers (UBN’s) of all published books, signatures, blessing notes, advertisements, consecrations and sometimes the spiritual rules on how to keep your copy safe from undesired and unwanted energies.

Art. 1.2. Copyrights

Every book has a copyright page where you can read about the copyrights of the book. “No part of any book may be copied, and so on”. You make sure that you’ve read these in the book after purchasing it. You agree to honor the copyright. If not, you will be charged a fine and the costs of law-suits as well.

Art. 1.3. Mystical and Paranormal Books

As you may notice, most of the books of the writer contains spiritual texts, hymns and spells, which can cause spiritual harms. You agree that you are responsible for (mis)using these texts, hymns and spells, and you know that you’re doing it at your own risk. The author can’t be claimed or taken responsible for the outcomes of your practice/actions.

Art. 1.4. Signed and Sanctified Books

You are aware of the fact that every copy purchased is signed, blessed and consecrated by the author in a Vedic way. You agree with the signature and the Vedic way of consecration.

Art. 1.5. Supplement of Original Copies

You are aware of the fact that every copy of the book purchased can contain supplements within, to fully support the flow of reading and understanding. You agree with the supplements within the book (purchased).

Article 2: The Purchasing

Art. 2.1 You agree to buy this book

At the time of purchasing (it may be in person, by the website, the social media platform or authorized third parties) a copy, you agree to buy this book, on all terms and conditions mentioned in article 1, about the way the book is written, published, signed, administered and sanctified.

Art. 2.2: We’ve got a deal after every successful payment/purchase

By paying at the time of purchase for your unique copy of this book, you agree with the articles, before the completion of your (successful) payment. After the successful payment of your purchase, it is not possible to get refunded. Once purchased, you can’t undo this act.

Article 3: The Delivery

Art. 3.1. National Delivery Waiting Time

At the time of successfully completing the payment process, you agree to wait 72 hours to receive your unique book(s) in hand, if you’ve ordered your book through our website or any social media platform on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. All orders finished on the Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays will be handled on Mondays. This is the delivery waiting term for customers living in the Netherlands.

Art. 3.2. National Delivery Costs (PostNL)

Shipping within the Netherlands will be free of cost (since 2024).

Art. 3.3 International Delivery Waiting Time

For customers abroad, a waiting time of two weeks may be added to the delivery process. At the time of successfully completing the payment process, you agree to wait more than two weeks to receive your unique book(s) if you’ve ordered your book through our website or any social media platform on anyday. This is the long term of the delivery waiting term for customers living outside the Netherlands.

Art. 3.4 International Delivery Costs (PostNL)

You agree to calculate EUR 8,50 (shipping fee 2023) for the shipment of your book outside the Netherlands, at the end of every order through the online web shop. This amount will be calculated on every single copy of the book afterwards.

Article 4: Denial of Orders Placed and Refunds

Art. 4.1. No stock left – Denial of Placed Orders

Denial of placed orders is possible if there is no stock (books) left. It may sound impossible, but it happens that you’ve placed orders on the website, but on the same day a large amount of copies have been sold out. The paid amounts of orders denied, will be refunded within 72 hours. You agree to wait for the refund. If you have questions regarding your refund, please contact us within 72 hours.

Art. 4.2. Weekend Cross-order – Denial of Placed Orders

Cross-order is also a possibility that result in denial of orders. If your orders are placed in the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it is possible that there is no stock left when you placed your order. You agree to receive a denial if there’s a cross-order in the weekend and if there is no stock (books) left on Monday morning. Also in this case: the paid amounts of orders denied, will be refunded within 72 hours on the same method of payment. You agree to wait for the refund. If you have questions regarding your refund, please contact us within 72 hours.

Art. 4.3. Refused-order – Denial of Placed Orders

A refused-order is also a possibility not to receive a book, but a denial/refused-order instead. It is not for everyone to receive a signed, blessed and consecrated book, when it isn’t your time to get it. You must be destined to get the book you’ve purchased. This applies on books, which requires some basic knowledge of the main subject in that book. The author and his team will screen the customer first, which discriminates the purchaser for his own benefits. And even in this case: the paid amounts of orders refused, will be refunded within 72 hours on the same method of payment. You agree to wait for the refund. If you have questions regarding your refund, please contact us within 72 hours.

Article 5: Sending and Receiving your Orders

Art. 5.1. Signature while Receiving Orders in the Netherlands

This article assures you that no books can be damaged or stolen, if sent by name (where you have to place a signature to receive your book). For this special service, you have to order by WhatsApp, or contact after placing your order (within 12 hours after the order is placed). You will be informed about the updated costs for this special delivery service. You agree by phone call for this special delivery service. You agree to check your parcel on damage items first, before signing when receiving the parcel with your book(s).

Art. 5.2. Normal Delivery (Stamps of PostNL)

This article assures you that your book will be delivered as mentioned in Article 3. This is called the Normal Delivery, which is the basic and standard delivery system of all books, in all cases. You agree with this Standard or Normal Delivery System. You also agree that your book may get damaged or lost during the shipment. You agree to take risk, while choosing for this most cheap, standard and normal option of shipment.

Art. 5.3. Receiving order in absence

You agree to receive your order (or parcel) by neighbors when you’re absent (not at home). Check this out with your local delivery company, in case of absence. You agree to search for your parcel, sent by us. You agree to receive orders in absence (when receiving as stated in art. 5.2.). In case of art. 5.1. you will be notified by your local delivery company.

Art. 5.4. International Parcels

You agree that your parcel will travel a long journey, which will be your responsibility for this long way to your address. You agree that we can’t take any responsibility for this parcel on this long journey, if chosen for the option ‘Normal Delivery’ as stated in art. 5.2. You also agree that only you can take the responsibility for the Signature Delivery option as stated in art. 5.1., when suggested and chosen for the special delivery service, contacting us by WhatsApp, right after you’ve placed your order online (in not more than 12 hours).

Article 6: Nonrefundable policy and Coupon/Credits (EUR/USD)

Art. 6.1 Non-refund policy – Your Mistake!

You agree to purchase the book, as seen on the website. You may not get your money back or get refunded for the book already purchased, if you’ve made a mistake while ordering a book on the website. Just receive the book and save it for some other day. You might need it in the future. Returning, is not possible. We suggest that you don’t give it away to someone else. The universe doesn’t make any mistake. It is meant for you to have the book for some other day. All books must have been ordered in the flow of the universe. It might have a special and good reason to have it. So, don’t give it away. You may regret it.

Art. 6.2. Money Back Please – Non-Satisfaction or Coincidence of having two of them

You may not return your book, if not satisfied or having two or more copies of the same. We use ‘the non-refund policy’, ‘no money back policy’, because all books must be ordered in the flow of the universe. It might have a special reason why you’ve ordered the same book again. In this case give a copy to someone else, keeping your own copy behind. By sharing/giving a copy to another reader, please inform us about it. We will register the unique book number of the copy on his name with all blessings. You agree, that it will be your own responsibility to give or share a copy of a book. You agree with the knowledge, that your energy may be shared with the other person (through the copy you’ll share). You share it on your own risk.

Art. 6.3. Non-refund, but Get Your Coupon/Credits (only in EUR/USD)

In case of having paid a greater amount, for example while an error on the website, or by bank transfer, or by WhatsApp (in case of misunderstanding on our side), we take our responsibility to issue you a coupon for your future purchase with credits in EUR or USD, to get it right. We do not issue refund/money back. The Coupon/Credits is THE best choice to listen to the flow.

Art. 6.4. Wrong Parcel/Books Delivered – Keep Both Parcels 😉 and Enjoy Reading!

In case of our mistake, if we have sent a wrong parcel with books to you, you may contact us to get your right parcel/books for free of charge. This applies on books only. Just contact us and get your right parcel for free. You may also keep the wrong parcel save with you. This is a good sign for you: Your Good Flow. We also support this flow. We will donate the wrong parcel in our administration. Enjoy the Reading of our Books!

Article 7: Enquiry and Open Decision

In case of any enquiry, complaints or misunderstandings, we may rightfully decide as the sender of your books. Also the author (owner) of these books will contact you (within 72 hours) for your satisfaction, so that you as a customer and reader of our books, can get your smile back. You are important for us, because you are the reader, the fan and the customer. We will try our best to fully satisfy our customers, as far as we can. Again, you agree with this article, to share your thoughts and to stay satisfied with us.