Session Agreement

Your Brahma Therapy Session Agreement

You agree with the terms and conditions of our website, when buying services of the Brahma Therapy for the welfare of your child (or yourself). Please make sure to read these small letters with care, so that we may work smoothly together, to reach the life goals with the help of the Brahma Therapy.

This is a General Brahma Therapy Session Agreement for all the sessions by the author, Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar, and his Brahma Therapists from the date of 01-01-2023, on all his own private website domains.

Article 1: Appointments

Art. 1.1. First step of getting in touch with us

You agree to make an appointment with us. This is your first step, to get in touch with us. You agree to call us, WhatsApp us, e-mail us, so that we can contact you about your appointments.

Art. 1.2. You are lucky with an appointment

You decide when your appointment can be made. We don’t decide, we plan it out for you. We are here to assist you, finding a suitable day/time. You are our client and we do the service in name of Lord Brahma, the Eternal Father of all of us. You agree with the fact, that when your appointment has been made, you become a lucky person on this globe. This means that you won’t be the same anymore, because you will change forever into a better person on earth.

Art. 1.3. An appointment is only a reservation until paid

An appointment will be made on a reservation basis only. To confirm your appointment, you will have to pay first by Bank Transfer / iDeal / Tikkie / Visa Card / MasterCard / PayPal / IBAN, before the appointment will be confirmed in our agenda. After the payment, you’ll receive an e-mail with your confirmation with the exact date and time of your appointment. You agree to fulfill the payment to get a confirmation e-mail from us.

Art. 1.4. An appointment for more than one person is not allowed

You agree to make any appointment on any day or time, keeping in mind, that it will be only for you or your child alone. Appointments can be made for one person at one appointed date/time only. For two or more persons, you may issue their name/address/ID etc. to make reservations for them too. This means that you may also arrange the payment for them on their names and or credentials. All the appointments will be sent on the same day, to the same e-mail address as issued, on their names and or credentials as given during call for making the appointment. You agree to make appointments as stated under this article.

Article 2: Payments (before session)

Art. 2.1. Pay beforehand

All Payments are based on the type of appointment, date and time. You agree to pay by Bank Transfer / iDeal / Tikkie / Visa Card / MasterCard / PayPal / IBAN, before the appointment will be confirmed in our agenda. In case of another payment method, this will be given by our planner during your call. It is your responsibility to plan and pay, and then we will sent you your e-mail with the confirmation.

Art. 2.2. The time-lapse for payment (24 to 48 hours)

The time-lapse between your call (reservation) and the payment must not exceed the 48 hours. After this time, the reservation will be removed and made free for other clients. You will get a notification if you haven’t paid after 24 hours, to fulfill your payment. You also agree with that.

Art. 2.3. Your own responsibility to arrange payment

It is your own responsibility to arrange the payment within the time of 48 hours, prior to the appointment, or the confirmation of your session. You also agree with the time-lapse and you keep it in mind (not to forget to fulfill the payment).

Art. 2.4. Your money must be in EUR/USD

Whether you’re from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe or somewhere else. You agree to pay in EUR only. No other currency is accepted than EUR and USD. We prefer the local currency, which is EUR. Because of the fact that the USD (seen as the international currency) is globally accepted, we also make sure that the amount-paid meet the same or more (not more than 10%) than the EUR amount-to-be-paid.

Article 3: The Session

We have 5 types of appointments regarding the sessions.

  1. The first one is the Initiation of AUM session.
  2. The second is the Intake session.
  3. The third one is the main session day of the first half of your life.
  4. The fourth is the second day of the main session of the second half of your life.
  5. The fifth and after that, are the aftercare sessions for six months (every month). You agree to follow the sessions as mentioned (in these articles) in this order.

Article 4: Cancellation of Session(s) OR Change Date/Time

Art. 4.1. Cancellation

After your payment, sessions cannot be cancelled free of cost. You agree with that.

Art 4.1.1. Cancelling your appointment within 24 hours after your appointment is made and 24 hours before your session starts, will cost you 50% of the fee of the session. This will be credited as administration and waiting costs, and the remaining amount will be refunded on your bank, the same way your money reached us, within 24 to 48 hours. You agree with this.

Art. 4.1.2. Cancelling your appointment within 24 hours before your session starts, will cost you 100% of the fee of the session. This will be credited as lost-of-time costs, and no money will be refunded on your bank. You agree with this.

Art. 4.2. Change Date/Time

After your payment, sessions can be changed free of cost. You agree with that.

Art. 4.2.1. Sessions will be planned and scheduled whenever possible. You have to call for this change. This service is free of charge. Please note that you can change date and time until 24 hours prior to your session appointment. You agree with this.

Art. 4.2.2. Sessions intended to change within 24 hours prior to your session appointment will be remarked as cancellation. For this intention, please refer to the article 4.1.2. cancelling your appointment within 24 hours before your session starts. This will cost 100% of the fee of the session. No money will be refunded, and you won’t be able to change your appointment. You have to rebook again for a new appointment. You agree with this too.

Article 5: Enquiry and Contact Us OR Feedback by E-mail

Art. 5.1. Enquiries and Contact Us

For all your enquiries and to book your appointment and so on, you may contact us by the given contact details, by telephone, mobile, e-mail, WhatsApp, letter and so on. You agree with these possibilities to contact us.

Art. 5.2. Feedback by E-mail

For all your feedback regarding the sessions, the way of sessions, the therapy system and so on, please sent us an email. It may be handled confidentially. You agree with this too.

Article 6: Privacy Guaranteed

Art. 6.1. Your Privacy Assured

We handle your information with great care. Your privacy is assured in our system. It is the Dutch Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) law with our integrity, to keep your records and files safe from third parties. We will hand it over to third parties, only after your written (formal) permission. In this case the third party’s name and contact details are necessary. Also, your ID copy must be presented by the third party. We also need the ID copy of the third party. This record will be saved for your file and report. If the third party is a psychological practice, and not a natural person, we also need the KvK (report copy of the chamber of commerce). You agree with the articles at 6.1.

Art. 6.2. Our Privacy must be Assured too

Not only your information will be held confidential, but also our communications must be kept confidential by you. Handing over our communications, schedule, appointment information, therapy system, feedback (see Art. 5.2. Feedback by E-mail), notes and letters, and so on, will be filed against you and your integrity by our rules and regulations. In this case, we will also end our therapist-client relationship with you with a red-notice for future relationship.

Art. 6.3. We respect the privacy of our clients, but we also earn that respect too.

In case of sharing our privacy and communications as mentioned above (under Art. 6.2), we can issue a written (formal) letter with the permission to your subject needed. In this case, you can contact us, regarding the permission letter, signed and permitted to share with third parties (with their contact details). This service is not free of charge. Administration costs of EUR 25,- will be charged for one single letter of permission, addressed to one entity/person or business/practice. It is not sure, you’ll be granted such a letter. It can be an option, but it is not sure. You agree and respect the privacy of us. You agree with this article mentioned under article 6.1 to 6.3.

Article 7: Free Consult Call Agreement

All Free Consult Calls of fifteen minutes are issued on yearly basis, one time only, for the issued and registered (mobile) phone number, the full name of the client, and the subject of calling. You agree with this free service as it is provided.

Art. 7.1. The appointment is made by e-mail or the contact form on the website. After you have filled the contact form, or sent an email, you’ll be contacted again with a confirmation about your Free Consult Call.

Art. 7.2. The Free Consult Call cannot be rescheduled or changed, nor cancelled. If your call doesn’t get answered, while we call you on WhatsApp, you will need to fill in the contact form again. If you don’t answer the phone, it doesn’t mean you lose the Free Consult Call. You can plan a call again. This doesn’t cost you a penny. It is free. You agree with these terms.

Art. 7.3. The Second try of the Free Consult Call cannot be rescheduled or changed, nor cancelled. If you don’t pick up the WhatsApp call again, you may try again to fill in the contact form to get contact for free. Or you may send an email again, with the request to get called. The Third try and so on will be the same. You also agree with this flexible terms.

Art. 7.4. Time-lapse of your call will be only 15 minutes. You cannot talk any longer, because other clients have their Free calls too. You have to book for another call, which will cost you EUR 35,- per call, for 15 minutes again. This fee includes all Dutch taxes and administration costs. You agree to this terms and conditions, to rebook a new (paid) call after 15 minutes.

Art. 7.5. Please note that your call can be recorded for our personal trainings and your given personal information will be saved according to the Dutch AVG privacy law and terms. You agree with these privacy terms and conditions.

Art. 7.6. Please respond to us in a good manner, and let us serve you with respect. We want to remind you that we expect respected calls, from respected clients with good behavior and great manners on the other side of the phone. If we catch a sign of disrespect, we will cut the line within the remaining minutes of your call. You agree with our respect and good behavior terms and these conditions.

Art. 7.7. In case of disrespect, bad behavior and worse manners, we will not tolerate any of these for our subconscious mind to catch a word of it, so we will cut your line and block your number in our system (for further calls). You respect and agree with these follow-up terms.

Art. 7.8. In order to book your Free Consult Call (as a new client), we have to administer your bank account information for future services. We need to get a one time bank transfer of a tiny amount of EUR 0.50 (fifty euro cent), to plan your Free Consult Call. The second reason for this bank transfer is to prove us your lawful existence, because we avoid ghost calls. You agree with this term to transfer this tiny amount for (re)scheduling your Free Consult Call.

Art. 7.9. If there are any terms and conditions left, not mentioned in these terms and conditions on this website, or any disputes or issues unsolved, please note that you will have to agree to our terms and conditions (again). In all other cases, the rightful owner, the author of this website, will decide what will be the next step(s) of action. Last but not least, you agree with this also, respecting our intentions to serve you in the best way possible.