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This is the chance to change your dream into reality. Just imagine: A life without any diseases, A luxurious life without any complaints, A life with all your loved ones beside you, A happy married life, A special brain with the potency to learn everything. All is possible in this one life of yours. Let us see how?

I have been initiated by the Creator of this Universe, Lord Brahma. I received His healing therapy system, to spread into the world. The Law of the Universe is: ‘Sharing’ is ‘Caring’. Lord Brahma cares for every soul in this entire universe.

My soul, your soul, the fallen souls in the lower realms, all souls. His blessing reached out to me, and I accepted it with open arms. I transformed the given information into a book for adults, called: ‘The Brahma Therapy for Adults’. I am also writing a book for children, called: ‘The Brahma Therapy for Children.’ This is the way to share the knowledge of this Brahma Therapy healing system, so that all can benefit from this Holy Healing System.

This website is meant to promote the two books of the Brahma Therapy, and to provide additional and updated information about The Brahma Therapy healing system. In both books, I have referred to this website by QR-code and weblink. In this way the readers of my books can be updated of this healing system (The Brahma Therapy) and can also watch and follow the step-by-step development of it. This weblink is simple to share with others, which is a good deed also. Remember that ‘Sharing’ is ‘Caring’ for others. When you care for others, you don’t hold knowledge for yourself. You share it. And this sharing of knowledge makes (new) space to receive more (knowledge) in life. This great lesson from Lord Brahma, the God of Wisdom, can be of great benefit for teachers and students.

I am a Guru who shares ancient knowledge in a simple way, simple language, with examples and real-life stories and cases of daily life to my dear students. I have my weekly classes, online teachings and seminars, and from now on the written books and other writings (posts), especially for my social media followers. Thanks to my students who care about others, my videos will go viral shortly. 

We are working together as a team to publish every detail of the development of this old and forgotten healing system. We must not forget that we, as spiritual souls, are having our human experiences. Let these experiences be nice and may the struggles and traumas of life don’t hold ourselves back and block our way to reach our Eternal Abode. It’s not worth it, because this material world is just like a dream. Once we are awake, it will be over. We have to enjoy life fully and wake up again. We must not get stuck into it, otherwise we have a great problem on the Soul Level.

So, welcome again! Please feel free to surf the website and take your time. If you have a question regarding the Brahma Therapy, do not hesitate to contact me. If you need information, which is not provided on this website, you can also contact me by e-mail: getintouchgroupnl@gmail.com.

Namaste! Salaam! Shalom!

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Shree Modak Consulting Information

Shree Modak Consulting is an online therapy & consulting office of Madhava Lama Guru Dravin Raghubar in the Netherlands.

Shree Modak Consulting is statutory located at the:
Address: Doctor Hermansweg, number: 20,
Postal Code: 5624 HP,
City: Eindhoven (in the Netherlands).
Phone: (+31) 639 5454 10.
E-mail: getintouchgroupnl@gmail.com

Shree Modak Consulting is registered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven,
named: Kamer van Koop Handel (Eindhoven) under the registration number: 82449236.

Shree Modak Consulting is registered in the register of the Dutch Taxes,
BTW (the Netherlands) under the registration number: 681048098B02.